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Flea control in Austin, Texas can be a huge challenge. Its high humidity and warm temperature make it a perfect breeding ground for these parasites. This means that fleas can easily live and reproduce in your lawns, carpets, and hardwood.

Fortunately, our experts at Andy Howard’s are here to help you! We can send a professional flea extermination technician to remove the fleas quickly and effectively— we also offer environment-friendly flea control options. Give us a call now for a free quote!

Are Fleas Dangerous?

Fleas are wingless, parasitic insects with thin, flat bodies. They have hard shells, so you really need to squeeze them to kill them. When fleas feed on their host’s blood, they secrete saliva that causes allergic reactions— causing hard, red welts, skin lesions, and severe itching.

In general, the worst thing we can get from fleas is the intense itching that comes from their bites. Red bite marks and itchiness normally disappear without any long-term health risks. Though, there is a risk of secondary bacterial infection if it’s not disinfected and kept clean. On rare occasions, it may lead to serious problems like cat scratch disease or even the bubonic plague.

In pets, fleabites may also cause complications, such as anemia from blood loss.

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I used Howard’s Pest Control for a flea infestation problem.  I am very happy with their price, response time, and follow up visits.  Came back for a second visit without any additional charge.  I will definitely use them again.

Milo L.

I’m very pleased to find this company. I found AHPC here on Yelp, on a Sunday. I messaged not thinking I’d get a response until Monday during business hours, boy was I wrong! DeShawn replied immediately! I needed help ASAP, as we have a gnarly wasp and spider problem. I wanted a company that would come within 24 hours. And AHPC showed up and took care of the problem.

Nat W.

I called and they set up my appointment quickly. Great service and very accommodating. The initial cost is a little high but they explain that reoccurring trips would be cheaper. Since they’ve sprayed my home, the bugs have disappeared. Andy Howard is tried and true.

Lea C.

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Flea Reproduction

The life cycle of a flea can take as little as 2 to 3 weeks, but it can last as long as six months, depending on the environmental conditions. Flea’s lives are short, but they reproduce quickly— a female flea can lay up to 50 eggs each day.

These eggs may develop in two days to two weeks. If it’s dry and cold, hatching may take a lot longer. The eggs may hatch faster with high humidity levels and warm temperatures. Worm-like larvae come out from these newly hatched eggs. In just 5 to 15 days, these larvae molt three times and then spin into cocoons. Inside this cocoon, the pupae start to turn into fleas, and the adult flea emerges after a few days.

The only way to break this quick cycle is to ask the help of reliable pest control professionals. Getting rid of the eggs is one of the biggest challenges since they are hard to find. When those eggs hatch, you can have a secondary infestation. Only experienced pest control experts have the products and tools to prevent this from happening.

Signs That You Might Have Fleas

One of the easiest ways to figure out if you have fleas is with the “white socks test”. Just put on a pair of clean white socks and walk around the house. If you have an infestation, you’ll notice fleas jumping on and off of your white socks. 

Other signs include: 

  • Your pets are scratching more 
  • Tiny red bites on you or your family members
  • Flea bites on your pets
  • Flea dirt on your pet’s skin (tiny dark specs on their skin which you can remove with a tissue)

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Andy Howard’s offers comprehensive flea control services to Austin and the surrounding areas. Our team takes pride in providing 45 years of experience in the pest control field. Call us now for guaranteed work. We’ll perform a thorough inspection and check on these fleas from all angles. Rest assured that we can effectively exterminate fleas in all life stages!

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