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Organic Pest Control Service in Austin, Texas 

Are you worried about pests invading your home in Austin, Texas? If you already see damage or signs — call a pest control technician right away!  When it comes to dealing with these unwanted guests, early intervention is vital.

We offer organic pest control services for all types of pests, including roaches, ants, spiders, and scorpions. Our team can also help you eliminate rodents, fleas, ticks, moths, mosquitoes, and other wildlife. Our family business has been in service for decades — and we are highly experienced in providing safer pest control solutions.

More importantly, we adhere to the integrated pest management (IPM) approach. This method is crucial to achieving balance for long-term impact. We’ll help you get effective results using only non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.

Why Organic Pest Control?

100% organic, low-impact solutions are better for the environment.

Chemical sprays are effective, but they can harm the surrounding vegetation and garden. Organic pest control is much safer and more beneficial to the environment, especially the soil and groundwater— you’ll be able to protect your family, pets, and the environment.

You can achieve healthier, long-term results at an affordable price.

Organic pest control solutions are both effective long-term compared and safer. Repeatedly applying chemical sprays – especially when your technician doesn’t follow IPM best practices, can result in chemicals leaching into the water and harming natural predators. Natural treatments require more frequent spraying, usually every month— but it’s all worth it because it’s healthier and safer for you and your family. We also offer natural treatments at an affordable rate so anyone can do them. 

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Thorough Pest Inspections

Suspecting a pest infestation? Give us a call to schedule an inspection right away!

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Organic Pest Control Treatments

Want to take an organic approach to getting rid of pests? Give us a call to schedule an extermination now!

Happy Customer Reviews

I used Howard’s Pest Control for a flea infestation problem.  I am very happy with their price, response time, and follow up visits.  Came back for a second visit without any additional charge.  I will definitely use them again.

Milo L.

I’m very pleased to find this company. I found AHPC here on Yelp, on a Sunday. I messaged not thinking I’d get a response until Monday during business hours, boy was I wrong! DeShawn replied immediately! I needed help ASAP, as we have a gnarly wasp and spider problem. I wanted a company that would come within 24 hours. And AHPC showed up and took care of the problem.

Nat W.

I called and they set up my appointment quickly. Great service and very accommodating. The initial cost is a little high but they explain that reoccurring trips would be cheaper. Since they’ve sprayed my home, the bugs have disappeared. Andy Howard is tried and true.

Lea C.

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Common Pests We Treat Organically


Cockroaches pose serious health risks to humans. Their saliva, skin, and droppings, have potent allergens and can trigger allergies or cause asthma attacks— and these allergens especially worsen asthma symptoms in children.


When carpenter ants, fire ants, or another type infest your home, don’t wait until the issue worsens. Without immediate treatment, these small insects can nest under your floors and create colonies that can become hard to exterminate.


Spiders eat harmful pests like mosquitoes and flies, but no one wants them in the house. If you get bitten by the wrong spider, such as a brown recluse or a black widow, you can have a bad reaction to its venom. Also, they’re just creepy to see in the house. 


Inside homes, the basement is a popular scorpion spot. They typically crawl into items that offer protection like storage boxes. The striped bark scorpion is one of the most common in the Texas area. Although it has a painful sting that causes swelling, it’s not fatal. 


Rodents, such as rats and mice, are very destructive pests. They contaminate food and preparation areas and carry illnesses like leptospirosis. They can also breed very quickly— about 60 pups from a single mother. Moreover, they can cause expensive structural damages and even fires by chewing on electrical wires.


Unlike other household pests, fleas bite not just humans but also cats and dogs. Their bites can cause irritation and itching, welts, and lesions. They can also transmit bacterial infections and tapeworms. Austin has a warm climate and high humidity— making it an ideal breeding ground for fleas. Apart from pets, they can be found in your yards, carpets, and hardwood.


Like fleas, ticks are parasitic, and they can latch on to cats, dogs, deer, squirrels, and humans. Most of them are very small, and their bites are harmless— but they carry serious diseases, including relapsing fever, babesiosis, and most famously Lyme disease.


Moths are often attracted to various household items, such as light sources, which they may use as an area to lay eggs or as a food source. These nuisance pests contaminate food items and leave fecal stains and holes on garments.


Mosquitoes love hidden dark areas and breed in standing water. Although their bites are usually not painful, the itchiness that follows causes some discomfort. If you’re unlucky, you may end up with dengue fever, west nile, or zika.

Our Organic Pest Control Process 

The organic pest control technicians provide the best services in Austin, Texas. We offer a thorough, safe process to keep your home or business free from pests. 

First, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your property to find entry points, nests, and other vulnerable spots. Afterward, we’ll exterminate the pests using the appropriate method. We may use a combination of trapping, exclusion, and spraying to handle the issue altogether. 

We will come back every month to reapply the necessary treatment and ensure that the pests don’t return. This process guarantees that you never have to deal with unwanted guests in your home again.

Organic Pest Rodent & Lawn Services 

At Andy Howard’s,  the health of your family is our top priority. That is why we use integrated pest management practices to create an environment that’s less friendly to rodents and other lawn pests. We may also recommend changing your watering practices, managing your vegetation, and preventing food sources from being accessible to pests. These methods will help keep rodents and other lawn pests away organically.

Call Us For Same-Day Pest Elimination

Need to get rid of unwanted guests in your home using organic pest control services? Our professional team can handle everything for you— and we offer same-day services in most cases. All our services are guaranteed so if there is an issue, we fix it at no additional cost to you. With our work, your money will never go to waste. We’ll ensure the safety of your pets and family. Call us now to get a free quote.

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